Adobo del Diablo

Awarded by Heidi Gibbs
"This dish reminds me of my Filipino culture - my roots. I've called NZ my home for half of my life but having Hapunan's signature dish - Adobo del Diablo - never fails to take me back to my childhood. Adobo is a staple dish at our house growing up and it's a fam favourite! This is one of the first dishes I learned how to cook and one I will be passing on to my kids as they learn to cook also. Keeping our roots alive and passing it on to future generations. Having Hapunan share this dish with NZers makes me so proud! I love how creative Aldrin is in enhancing its flavours and making the dish even more delicious that it's a total crowd please - both to traditional adobo lovers and to people who may tried it for the first time!"
Hapunan - Adobo del Diablo