Roasted Cauliflower

Awarded by Lisa
Re-imagined cauliflower roasted to perfection presented in a modern form that leaves the most ardent hater of the polarising vegetable curious for a bite. That's exactly what happened to me... a fellow foodie ordered the dish while I steered clear. After seeing it hit the table I couldn't help but have a sample. Now I've ordered the dish 5 times on successive visits. This isn't your mother's 40 minute boiled rapidly until translucent or even slightly grey cauliflower, this is a delectable dish complimented with the saltiness of capers, sweetness of pomegranate and the tangy bite of a creamy vinaigrette. All served with pride and a smile from the wait team. Thumbs-up Gerome, long may cauliflower be a dish on your menu!
Gerome - Roasted Cauliflower