Gemmayze Street


Awarded by Jt Bailey
When life gets a little much, and I want to escape the slog that is adulthood, and being very reasonable and responsible and rational, I head to Gemmayze Street to lose myself in a swirl of texture and taste that sends me back to childhood meals with smiling, wrinkled relatives and nothing much to care about besides stuffing myself silly. Gemmayze always gives that same warm feeling in heart and belly - the result of great food, lovingly made, and shared joyfully. It's the best of Auckland - flavours and friends from far flung places, bought together to share moments that enrich us all. Our food, and the places we eat, tell stories about us - and the story of Gemmayze, and Auckland, is one about comfort, community and taste-bud exciting excess. The Jazar brings together the best notes of the Middle East and Kiwi dining, memories of places and people long gone, and the sort of deep satisfaction that only arises from a fantastic meal shared with friends. Highly recommended.