Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli

Awarded by Rowena Baines
True love is sacrificing even half a ravioli to the puppy-dog begging eyes of my father, who although content with his meal just HAD to taste mine after watching my mother and I melting in heavenly satisfaction with every morsel. On these cold winter nights, Fenice in Oneroa is where I want to be - beside the fireplace at a candlelit table with a plate of homemade Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli with truffle sauce and the pear and rocket salad matched with a glass of Montipulciano. I have never been able to order anything else, as my mouth literally waters just thinking about this meal. I even got it delivered to my door on my birthday during Covid lockdown! I'm sure the rest of their menu is also amazing but I wouldn't know, as I always get the same. Fenice is warm and casual with the buzz of people connecting in true Waiheke style, laughter everywhere. Somehow this meal is always on the table within about five minutes of ordering no matter how packed the restaurant is and I'm always left astounded and immensely satisfied with a happy belly and happy heart.