Fat Puku's Smashed Burgers

Fat Puku Burger & Fries

Awarded by Kirsty May
Ever since Fat Puku's launched their business operating out of a pie shop in Albany (I mean how cool is that!), their hero burger The Fat Puku has reached legendary status among those who try it! It's a cult American classic-style smashed burger that epitomises simple, fresh and tasty all in one bite, from the soft squishy potato bun, the smashed beef patty with its crispy frills, the crunch of the lettuce, cheddar, homemade pickles are to die for and the right amount of mayo, ketchup & mustard! There's no room for any other burger in my life! I like to enjoy this burger sitting at the long bar overlooking the fun antics going on in the street below, with 90's old school hip hop beats in the background. It's a complete sensory experience not to be missed. There's a reason why this burger scores 5-stars and the guys who are behind Fat Puku's are the nicest team you'll meet in hospo.