Delamore Lodge

Poached blue cod

Awarded by Cherry Bushell
This fabulous dish was put together by Erik Tasker, a very talented Chef with a passion that focuses on bringing local produce to the table, with a vibrant and tasteful twist. Poached blue cod with grilled fennel, onion, chicken and dashi jus, simple yet powerful. Being on Waiheke, Erik and the team at Delamore Lodge ensure they use the very best local produce on the Island, as well as growing their own herbs and vegetables on site. You can’t get as fresh as coming straight out the garden. This dish is special because it represents the ocean, the land and Waiheke Island. Every component is a piece of art with careful preparation to get the size, shape, colours and flavours complementing one another. This dish also pairs extremely well with Man O' War Chardonnay, a local Waiheke Island wine.