Ugly Carrot

Awarded by Asher Newman
Listen listen listen! You’ve GOT to try the ugly carrot dish at Culprit – it's chef’s kiss epic and has my vote as the hailing prince of the Auckland dining scene. Let me describe it: smoked yoghurt, salty pumpkin seed dukkah and exotic paprika oil all coming together on the one wee plate. It's mouthwatering delish, packed with flavour and fun. Culprit has nailed it, taking a plain old regular carrot (yawn) and turning it into an absolute local legend. This playful dish is a lot like Auckland itself – a mix of cultures all chillin' together, making something better by coming together. The restaurant is my go-to for special occasions with fam and friends, and always such a memorable time together, in huge part because of this tasty little wonky carrot dish. Nom nom!