Cheese on Toast

Bacon Jam Toastie

Awarded by Jt Bailey
Cheese on Toast is Auckland in every way - no matter how many times you leave, you always come back, because you know that that same grinning welcome is waiting for you, that same incredible sense of home and happiness is within reach, and that same unmatched moment of profound perfection is just within grasp. No matter how many other places I eat in Auckland, or in places distant or near, I always find myself retracing the route to Cheese on Toast as a reward, or a treat, or a bit of self indulgent self soothing. Great food, good honest hearty fare, that leaves you stuffed and counting the minutes till you're having it again. The Bacon Jam Toastie is a favourite, but that's hardly unique - there's not a thing on the menu that isn't. Just like with Auckland, no matter how far I travel or how many amazing places I go, I always find my way back to these tastes, this city, and am happy for it.
Cheese on Toast - Bacon Jam Toastie