Casita Miro

Goats Cheese Croquetas

Awarded by Deborah Olds
These crunchy, pillowy, sweet and salty morsels are the stuff of dreams. While the actual flavour is AMAZING (sigh, I can taste the sweet honey and goat tang now..) it's the confidence I have in others' enjoyment of this dish which I find to be truly outstanding. I used to work for Obsidian which is a winery (that doesn't serve food) literally 5-10min walk through the vineyard away. We'd often have people come for tastings and when they got hungry, my go to recommendation was to walk up the hill for a glass of locally made Albariño and an order of the goat cheese croquettes. The amount of times I had people come back that same day or weekend or literally months later and say, "omg you recommended us to go to Casita and try the goat cheese croquettes and they were the best things we've ever had! We're going back again today!" Those balls are so good there are literally two businesses making money off of them!
Casita Miro - Goat’s cheese croquettes