Carmel - Israeli Street Food

Falafel Pita

Awarded by Bianca Hawkins
Carmel - Israeli Street Food feels so homely and comforting from the minute you arrive, even when waiting in line out the door. Everyone is buzzing and happy knowing the amazing food and service awaiting them. Firstly, the staff are so lovely and efficient. The owner running the till always has a smile and I'm not sure he does remember me, but it feels like they do and are happy to oblige and support any requests like extra spice. Secondly, their store is truly reflective of New Zealand's melting pot of cultures and warm welcome to all cultures. Importantly, whilst we do have many restaurants offering falafel and the like, nothing can beat Carmel's quality, size and taste. It's no surprise we all make the trek over and wait in line on the few days of week they're open. Every time my friends and I are audibly amazed and satisfied with how incredible the falafael pita is. It's so good we cannot look past it and bring ourselves to continue trying new places, that would be blasphemy - we can't waste our chance to get Carmel when it's only open 3 days a week! Carmel’s falafael pita leaves you craving it all week and organising your Thursday Friday or Saturday to ensure you get your fix. The pita leaves all inclined to a salad disregarding their usual preference and stops foodies looking for the next/new options because it is unbeatable.