Canto Canto

Wonton Noodle Soup

Awarded by Jasmine Yang
When I am homesick, wonton soup is the dish I will have and Canto Canto is where I go to for it. Even when I enter the store, I feel at home with the boss speaking to me in Cantonese knowing that I come from Guangzhou. Of course she speaks to others in English, but that does show she understands and cares for her customers. The shrimp wontons are out of this world - the skin is thin, and filled with real prawn and the soup is simply delicious. Like the restaurants in Guangzhou, the owner is also very accommodating to people's needs. For example, I would ask for curry beef brisket with rice noodles which is not on the menu and they would also do it for me. The rice noodle they use is special, silky smooth and slightly glutinous. They taste good. But my nomination for the iconic dish has to be its wonton soup. I don't think people can say they have tried true Canton-style wontons until they have eaten these.