Cafe Lincoln

French Toast

Awarded by Hamish McCracken
I have retired. French Toast. I no longer order it anywhere else because these guys have clocked the game. The cafe itself is an unassuming looking place nestled among phone repair shops and fast food outlets. There is nothing on the outside to make you expect the kind of flair you find within. What makes this dish special to me is the layer upon layer of complexity, the different fruits, the wine poached pear, the Mascarpone, the coconut, everything done in it’s own way with it’s own taste, everything goes together and every combination gives you a new flavour hit, it looks like art but tastes like genius. So as we come out of four weeks of level four lockdown and take out food was an option again, this was my first non homecooked meal in a month. It came like a kids lego set on Christmas morning, each complex individual component in it’s own bag, pottle or container but without assembly instructions. I did my best but this was the one and only time I have eaten this meal and it looked nothing like a work of art. Still tasted like genius though.
Cafe Lincoln - French Toast