Burger Geek

Raynor Burger

Awarded by Alex Ensoll
Never before has a burger been everything you've ever wanted, so completely satisfying, leaving you salivating and desperate to return for another endorphin inducing bite. This culinary sensation is the Raynor (or frankly any of Burger Geek's delectable and excellently named burgers). Angus & wagyu beef double smash patties, hashbrown, bacon, cheese, lettuce, chipotle aioli, and ketchup. If the torrent of drool now cascading from your mouth isn't sending sparks flying from your now paperweight worthy keyboard, you are not human. This 5yo institution of Symonds Street is a mecca for anyone who calls themselves a burger lover. Wellington on a Plate can take their 'good burgers' and bow down in their mere mortal forms to true greatness. Now I hear what you're saying, what about our plant based friends? Well buckle up my friend, the BG not only has them covered, but has wrapped them in a silk blanket and whispered sweet nothings in their ear with the Zim. Featuring black bean and brown rice pattie and their patented (no idea, sue me) vegan aioli that is so good, they don't even use an alternative animal based aioli for the rest of us swine. Now, I'll be honest with you, the fries are... ok. But it doesn't matter when your side should be their finger suckling great hot wings or beer battered onion rings. Do yourself a favour, have a pint or two at Galbraith's, stumble down to Burger Geek, and have the greatest burger of your life. 11 out of 10.