Bunga Raya

Char Kway Teow KL Style

Awarded by Eddie Lo
I have come here for the same dish at least once a fortnight for the last year - Stir Fried Flat Rice Noodles w/ Chicken, Prawns & Chinese Sausage. Being a native from Malaysia, and a veteran of 10 years in NZ Hospitality, it is extremely difficult to find genuine Malaysian Cuisine with authentic ingredients. Not only does Bunga Raya serve perfectly accurate dishes from my home country, their level of service had always impressed me. As soon as I walk through their door, It’s like i’m welcomed back into their family home. They are attentive to one’s dietary needs, and are honest in the quality they have always strived to serve to their valued customers. Even now, during the COVID Crisis, they are always at capacity. The notable piece is that while they have every table filled every dinner service, they still strive to give their well-known high level of service to every single customer, giving every person their undivided attention. That is a rare treat in the New Zealand Hospitality World, and I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an authentic Malaysian experience.
Bunga Raya - Char Kway Teow KL Style