Blue Rose Cafe

Koko Samoa Cupcakes

Awarded by Francis Kolo
These cupcakes are a must when we go to Blue Rose Café or are even in the area of it. We can't just buy one, we have to buy at least six, at most a dozen. Some for the road and some for when we get to our destination. You can tell these cupcakes are well-loved by all because they sell out fast, as just like my whanau and I, one is never enough. These cupcakes have the best ratio of icing to cake. Each bite ensures you have the best of both worlds. Each bite is well balanced, one doesn't outshine or overpower the other. In my culture, we do not have koko Samoa but I know it's a well-loved ingredient by the Samoan people due to its versatility through a hot beverage to koko alaisa to these amazing koko Samoa cupcakes.
Blue Rose Café - Koko Samoa Cupcake