Margherita Pizza

Awarded by Nicholas Low
As someone who once visited the beautiful city of Florence - the capital of Italy's world-renowned Tuscany region, I have longed to try an Italian dish that was so reminiscent of that place. And I finally found a contender. On Auckland's Viaduct Harbour lies a bustling, chic establishment that showcases some of the best Italian cuisine I've ever seen. New to the city's dining scene, I had high hopes for Bivacco and many of their dishes easily impressed me with its flavour, finesse and flair. But one truly stood out. The classic margherita. With a perfect size, gorgeous look and spectacular quality, this dish transported me to Tuscany and reminded me how powerful a good dish could be. Of course, you should definitely try the other pizzas or pastas on the menu which I'm sure will stand out too, but the margherita truly means a lot to me. I hope when you try it, this simple yet captivating pizza will open your eyes to the wonders of exquisite Italian. And what better way to wine and dine than doing so with a view of the harbour. Without a doubt, Bivacco knows how to have a good time... for a long time.