Bestie Cafe

Flatbread with Chilli fried egg

Awarded by Christina (Jiyea) Pan
This was the very first breakfast dish I had in Auckland, I had dined at Cotto the evening before, when I had landed from Sydney... and it was when I sat down at Bestie Cafe overlooking Myers Park, I thought to myself, “okay, wow... the food in NZ is pretty incredible, I should settle here for a while”. Before moving to a new city, I always do my research and save all of the restaurants I want to try in my google maps. Even before I read the reviews, the pictures alone made every dish at this cafe look very enticing. This dish in particular is very bright and the way the ingredients top off the flatbread reminds me of a painter’s colour palette. It has a lovely balance of heat from the chilli in the fried egg, with the tangy pickled veg cutting some of the richness from the dish. This is the dish I recommend to my friends looking for a hearty dish when in Auckland.
Bestie Cafe - Flatbread with Chilli fried egg