BBQ King Restaurant

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Awarded by Eunice Banta
This dish is so special to me because it’s something I've been eating at this restaurant since I was a kid - it is a dish I grew up with. My dad first discovered this restaurant on a cold winter's night when he first started working in New Zealand. When the rest of my family and I came along, he introduced us to the place and ever since then, we just kept coming back (and I definitely kept coming back for this dish). The tofu is covered with a light, crispy layer which contrasts the dense yet soft matter inside. It is stir fried with crispy and flavourful garlic chips, and fresh peppers and onions. It is on the spicy side with the spice mix they use and the chilli peppers. It is perfectly served with hot rice underneath which acts as a blank canvas. This restaurant is very dear to me as the staff have known us for so long. I have grown up since then (I was around 11 years old when I first visited Auckland) and am a uni student now but whenever I visit for a quick lunch break from my studies at Auckland Uni, the lovely owner still remembers what I come for and that is for the salt and pepper tofu.