Saffron & Potato Tortellini with Goats Curd, Brown Butter, Almond & Fig Confit

Awarded by Jt Bailey
A fusion of tastes, textures, histories, cultures, and places, all wrapped up in a hearty meal that makes your heart skip a beat while your tongue begs for more. It's the one thing I break my rule of "always try something new" for, because novelty and change are all well and good but, like Auckland itself, there's always a place for the tried, true, and terrific. It's the centrepiece of so many happy Auckland memories of nights out with loved ones, cherished moments shared and long, lingering looks, that it has become intertwined with my memories and feelings about the city, and my nearest and dearest: so I taste the sharp and creamy tang of goats cheese whenever I think of Auckland, and smell glorious richness of browned butter when hearing mum's voice.