Andy's Burger & Bar

Andy's Tower Burger

Awarded by Melgrace Sugiandi
When I first moved to Auckland last year, Andy's was the first place I went to. You can never go wrong with burgers and fries and we stayed in SkyCity while looking for a new home. I wanted to come back when we hit our first year anniversary living in Auckland but they were closed for months. Finally they reopened this month with an iconic dish that somehow represents something very memorable for me - The Tower Burger. Aucklanders love burgers and the Sky Tower is an iconic landmark, the best representation of both worlds. The beautiful golden buns filled with chicken, crunchy bacon, slabs of aged smashed beef patties, pickles, sliced cheese, lettuce and tomatoes as the sauce and juiciness of the patties drool over the burger - it was a celebration I've been waiting for. I can feel I belong in the city desired by many, the tower burger is Auckland. At a glance it looks intimidating - it was new it was scary - but when you start having a bite you will appreciate its flavours, its texture; it's chaotic and not perfect, but it's an experience worth craving for and needs to be shared to everyone.