Pork Pinchitos, Nectarine, Coca

Awarded by Betsy West
Guys, this dish is apparently always on the menu, but its accompanying ingredients are tweaked seasonally. This pork is the stuff of dreams. I first had it while on a lunch date with my husband for my birthday. We went to a few restaurants for small bites, and Alma stood out head and shoulders above any other place we visited. We'd picked out a different pork dish, but our amazing waiter suggested the pinchitos and I'm so grateful. Everyone was so nice - we told them we'd be back and they laughed when we returned under an hour later for a glass of wine and dessert. Nowhere else touched the friendly service and incredible food. How amazing is it to have Spanish cuisine in the heart of Auckland? We can hop on the ferry and enjoy the beautiful space and pinchitos anytime. It's a treasure of our city that hopefully thrives for years to come, and a dish that hopefully never leaves the menu.