Te Mana Lamb & Cheese Savoury

Awarded by Kerrie McGirr
My Nana, a good West Coaster of solid working class roots, made savouries. Amazing savouries. Savouries with a mince filling handed down through generations and across continents. These savouries turned up at all the usual places you might find a good, classy savoury. Wakes, alongside those dainty sandwiches with no crusts and cream filled lamingtons. Family get-togethers. Birthday parties. Community events. There was no savoury to beat Nana's...but I was wrong. This Ahi savoury was something else. It took a traditional Kiwiana item and turned it on its head, whilst still retaining the core essence of what makes a great savoury. Crispy, feathery light and rich pastry. Rich, slow cooked NZ meat lightly bathed in a delicious jus. Cheese (which I admit never darkened the door of Nana's savouries) - and not just any, but a delicious sliver of mozzarella. I'm sure you'll get nominations for other Ahi dishes. The Kingfish. Hangi Paua. The "not a trumpet" ice cream cone. However, the Ahi savoury is an understated classic in the making. It's just like Nana's savouries - likely the first food to be cleared out at any gathering.
Ahi - Te Mana Lamb and Cheese Savoury