The Pig Crumpet

Awarded by Ginny Grant, Food Writer & Senior Food Writer Cuisine Magazine

In the ever-changing seasonal set menu at Pasture, one dish is almost always a constant. The Pig Crumpet. Using sourdough in the base, it’s cooked in lard over the open wood oven, developing a slightly smoky flavour. It’s crisp on the outside, soft and airy inside. Often it’s topped with a pleated ruff of house made pancetta, sometimes it might be pig’s liver parfait. Eaten in the hand, it’s comfort food served in a restaurant that with a pared back Japanese aesthetic tempered with Scandinavian minimalism. Chef and owner, Ed Verner and his team make world class, sophisticated and precise food, encompassing not only a nose to tail philosophy but employing a full range of preservation techniques. The small and intimate restaurant is anything but stuffy. With only two seating sessions for a maximum of 6 diners in each session, it’s a very interactive dining experience. You’ll be seated at the counter. The chefs are your hosts; they’ll be serving the house made drinks (or a carefully curated wine list) as well as cooking exquisite food along with a soundtrack that leans heavily towards the 80s.

Photography by Jay Creaghan