Pork and kimchi milk buns with beurre blanc

Awarded by Sid & Chandni Sahrawat, Restaurateurs, Sidart, Cassia & Sid at The French Café

These super soft milk buns are filled with unctuous pork and kimchi, each perfect bun comes with a beurre blanc, a silky buttery sauce to dip the bun in. Each mouthful is perfect and shows chef Jason Kim’s expertise with his native Korean cuisine. You won’t be able to stop at one milk bun. The best thing is that they only make a limited quantity of milk buns each day and they are not on the menu. It’s a secret dish that you must ask for and get in early to grab- Aucklanders secret! Gochu is so different from the regular Korean restaurants as Jason who has worked in many top Auckland restaurants marries Korean flavours with modern cooking techniques to create delicate but exquisite dishes that pack a punch.