Mushroom, truffle, and provolone cheese sandwich

Awarded by Angela Casley, Viva Recipe Editor

This is my latest go-to, whip around the corner at lunchtime, take-home toasty. The Cazador mushroom, truffle, and provolone cheese sandwich makes every mouthful drip in sheer delight. Wholesome local sourdough forms the base with a cheeky bit of béchamel in the middle to keep that Italian semi-hard cows' milk cheese that stretches with every bite moist and gooey. As with any good toasty, the outside has a generous dousing of butter before being cooked. Close your eyes and enjoy the quality ingredients; the flavours will transport you to. This is a total taste sensation where licking the finger is warranted to get every last truffle flavour. With good intentions of eating this at home, it is usually devoured in transit.