People Choice Moderators

In order to ensure Iconic Auckland Eats is a list of 100 “Eats” that we can be proud of and ultimately share, we asked some smart and clever food people to help us moderate the second fifty “Eats” to ensure our list is robust and representative of Auckland.

Iconic Auckland Eats celebrates 100 dishes that can only be enjoyed in Auckland.

The first fifty dishes have been nominated by well-known Auckland food lovers. The second fifty have been nominated by you, the eating public, during Elemental AKL festival in October.

The final list of 100 Iconic Auckland Eats will be a list created by passionate Aucklanders. Moderation of the list has only occurred to ensure we have 100 Iconic Auckland Eats, and that all “eats” are available. *Please note some dishes are seasonal and will not be available all year but they were too good not to include.

Each iconic dish is considered against a set of criteria: well-loved, representative of local culture and people, a timeless classic, and/or a ‘signature dish’. The list not only celebrates food, but also in-store experiences, people, history, heritage and culture.

Who is helping us out?

  • Mark Gregory – Director of Restaurant Hub

  • Connie Clarkson – Head of Commercial Place Operations and The Kitchen Project Lead at Panuku Development Auckland

  • Kerry Tyack – Food and dining expert and advisor