O'Connell Street Bistro

Classic Steak tartare

Awarded by Simon Wilson
Steak tartare is sometimes an off-the-menu item at O’Connell St Bistro, but it’s always worth asking for – if you’re in doubt mention it when you book. Raw minced meat, mixed through with onion, capers, pepper and some secret ingredients not divulged to customers, thank you very much, served with a raw egg on top and a side of string chips or potato wafers. It’s not supposed to be to everyone’s taste: that’s part of the appeal. Order it as a starter or a main. Specify your spiciness. Have some oysters beforehand and get a wine match from the staff: they’re experts. It’s like a posh private dining room inside, with the starched white linen; cool European outside in Auckland’s most beautifully renovated shared street.
O'Connell Street Bistro - Classic Steak Tartare