Dumplings Spinach Goat Cheese Sage

Awarded by Maddy Jennings
This dish holds a special place for me, I've been going to cotto since they were a pop up. These dumplings aren't like regular dumplings, the are dumplings with a modern twist and an indescribable taste. The dish comes with three but if your in the mood for sharing (I recommend just getting two for the table) Cotto adds on a extra dumpling ball for the table. When the Covid-19 lockdown hit and all restaurants and takeaways were unavailable I felt sad that I couldn't order food that represented and reminded me of all the fun times I've had a restaurants. Cotto was awesome and actually added a step by step recipe on how to make them to their Instagram stories. Obviously I gave it a go but when they opened up back for contactless takeaways - I was the first one outside the door for those dumplings I missed so much. They may not be as iconic as Sneaky Snacky or Mighty Hotdog and as trendy as the new places popping up such as Parade Burger, Taco Medic etc but they are such a warm welcoming dish located within a intimate and friendly atmosphere. Overall Cotto is an amazing restaurant but these dumplings change lives.
Cotto - Spinach/goats Cheese Dumplings