Fat Belly Deli

Smokey and the Bandit

Awarded by Blair Weaver
So the story goes that once upon a time 2 people sat down over a drink and started talking about sandwiches. One from the Deep South in the US of A, the other a Scottish Burt Reynolds fan, both owners of the recently established Fat Belly Deli in Ponsonby. FBD has decided to bring something new to the area and what they do might not have frills or spills, but what they do do is BIG. The Smokey and the Bandit is no exception and their Signature Sammie. Presented on a LARGE toasted focaccia (although I’m told I could pick my own bread) this Sammie is difficult to keep together such is the volume of ingredients pouring out of it. Started off with an abundance of smoked bacon then topped off with BBQ’d pulled pork and slices of smoked cheddar (the Smokey), you know the meat sweats wont be too far away. This is then layered with a generous helping of juicy onions and spicy jalapeños (The Bandit) before the chase is finally over with a huge squeeze of their Smokey Chipotle sauce. Having barely found enough space to squeeze it all in I can report that this sandwich is probably even better than the movie it honours, only don’t tell the Scotsman behind the counter.
Fat Belly Deli - Smokey and the Bandit